• Improvisation Games, character development exercises, improvisation of scenarios, write-arounds, and role reversal will be just some of the methods used to create material. Everything will be video taped for reviewing the same day.

• Workshop With script in hand, transcribed from the videos, students will be asked to perform their pieces. These workshops of the script will in turn be videoed for the next part of the process.

• Editing Students will view their work and will be asked to make cuts to pare down the script and get rid of material that either does not work or does not add to the theme.

• Production Using all the students and props and costumes already available, the play will be presented to other students, teachers, and invited community members.


Language Arts Classes & Drama Classes As the residency is flexible in scheduling, Language Arts classes and Drama classes can also be accommodated within the program. It is recommended that each class be given two different visits by the artist, on two different days. All scheduling is done in consultation with the School and the Artist, and must be approved by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Workshops I offer workshops in clown, acting, and juggling. Although these are not the focus of the residency they are a way to get more students involved. Workshops can be scheduled after school or during lunch, or they can be used in a classroom situation. They should be open to students excluded from the immersion

Workshops are a great place to exchange techniques. An in-service workshop can be offered for teachers who wish to discuss ideas in theater games and improvisation work. Topics could include: clown scenario, sensitivity/trust exercises, and ensemble building.



Preparation & Pre-residency

Meet with teachers two months before Residency.

Meet with select students two weeks before Residency.

TIME                  MONDAY               TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY           FRIDAY

8:00 am - Noon Concept Development   Improvisation        Workshop                 Editing                 Production


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

                Language Arts #1            Language Arts #3      Language Arts #1     Language Art #3     Rehearsal

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

                Language Arts #2            Language Arts #4       Language Arts #2    Language Arts #4   Performance

After School (or Lunch)

2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

                Clown workshop              Juggling workshop      Teachers In-service     Drama Club


(Based on a one or two week residency 400 km outside Calgary)

                                                             One Week            Two Week

Artist Fee                                                   $1,300                    $2,400

Video Materials                                                 25                          25

Production Costs                                             125                        125

Per diem (Including Accommodation)                200                        400

Travel                                                            100                        100

GST                                                                n/a                         n/a

Totals                                                        $1,750                   $ 3,050


1. Video materials include blank tapes not supplied by the school.

2. This amount also includes misc. costs.

3. Per diems and travel costs apply only to schools outside of Calgary and may be more, depending on distance and costs.


• A large working space, usually reserved for drama classes.

• Video equipment including monitor, camera, and instant play-back.

• Students will need pen and paper.

• A computer and a printer with word processing capabilities for creating clean copy of scripts and to facilitate changes.

• Use of any properties or costumes that have been stored from a previous production.

• A typist for the fourth day of the workshop. (4 hrs.)